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All right, one blurb about Lord Loss. I promise. I actually have a question to ask, not just a rant. And it's not even spoilery! Anyway, is The Demonata series going to be about Grubbs Grady and his family or is it going to be about the individual demons who make up the Demonata, like a certain Lord Loss?
OK, so now I have to ask you what you thought of it. I know this isn't Cirque du Freak related, but it's Darren Shan related, so I'm posting this anyway. I really, really liked it.

All right, so who noticed all the Cirque du Freak and Lord Loss similarities? I did, so someone else must have. First off, our new hero was Grubbs, and it used to be Darren. Like you didn't notice that one. And Dervish is our Mr. Crepsley mentory figure, which probably explains why I was most attached to him. And Billy is sort of like Harkat, but is obviously human. And probably has no HUGE PLOT SHAKING PURPOSE like Harkat does. Yes, that has to be all in caps. And there was also the whole Darren lacks parents and Grubbs lack parents thing. I'm not saying the similarities are bad, just that I noticed them. Lord Loss is shaping up to be different than CDF is, though.

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