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Finished book 9

I KNEW IT!!! I knew it all along. Ever since the Vampaneze Lord was brought into play. I hoped... I dreamed... and now I'm correct. STEVE! It'll really suck if he wasn't telling the truth. God, that would suck. Darren has to kill him. Darren must kill him. Not Vancha. Darren. DARREN!
OMG!! MR. CREPSLEY! He can't be dead! I don't want him to be dead. Everyone whose died in this series (other than the vampaneze people... though Murlough was kind of cool) are people I liked. DAMN YOU DARREN SHAN! You still rock though.
I really need to get the tenth one from Amanda to read... and fast!

I had to stop myself very short 'cause it woulda started a chain-reaction to include other books/movies and it would've gone on for years.

Now to go read The Gospel According to Larry (good book for anyone against consumerism).

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