Scruffy Bird (thirteen_ravens) wrote in cirquedufreak99,
Scruffy Bird

Sketchy Fanart...

Hi All :o)

Did a quick MS Paint sketch of Mr Crepsley and Madam Octa tonight - (With Patrick Stewart as the inspiration...!) thought others might want to see. The quality has been marred a bit as I had to convert from BMP to JPEG to upload...

*sigh* My scanner's broken - so I've been put off doing anything better in pen/pencil at the moment!

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Wow, you did that in MS Paint? *envious!*
Crepsley is perfect. ^^
Thanks! :D
Yeah...I need a better art program... ;o)

Deleted comment

Thank you! :o)


January 8 2006, 19:05:54 UTC 11 years ago

Wow! This is really good, especially for MS Paint. He looks exactly like Pete Postlethwaite, which, infact, is exactly how I picture him.
Amazing job in making that o_o Fits Larten's description perfectly.