Susan (heaven_s_1) wrote in cirquedufreak99,

The Lake of Souls

Ok so I am almost finished with book 10.

I am at the part where Darren and Harkat find Harkat's soul. But before I do my little thing.

The part with the description of the the toad and Grotsque, gross. But they fit into the world just right.

I am wondering about the postcards. See at first I was thinking it might have something to do with Darren's family, by the way Harkat wouldn't show Darren.

But for those of you who have read the book. Did you sit down and write both names?

Harkat Mulds
Kurda Smahlt

If you did you would see a resemblance. Harkat Mulds is scrambled and does spell Kurda Smahlt when rearranged. So with the teeth of the panther, Harkat spelled out his own name. Which I believe spelled differenly would have spelled Kurdas.

I don't know if Mr Tiny states it in the book. I am at the end of Chapter 24. But will undate if it does!

Yes it does! Book is finished and when they were back in their own world. Harkat realized it.
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