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We need some activity in here. Yes, the series is finished, took me nearly four years to get to the last book because of the sporadic U.S. releases >:P Since not everyone's done with it necessarily, the LJ-cut rule still applies, but I say this community takes on a new form.

Rather than waiting in suspense, here's what I'd like you to do... evaluate.

What was your favorite book? Favorite characters? Also, themes - freak shows in fiction and real life, vampires (in contrast to Anne Rice), even his concept of Destiny. Put it all under a cut, go into detail if you can, and discuss.

Hey dude

Hi there, thought I would introduce myself to the community.

Name: Jacinta
Age: 18
Local: Melbourne, Australia
How I found Darren Shan: It was posted on a forum I frequent that he was a good author and that the Darren Shan Sagas were a good read. I haven't as yet read one of his books, but I bought Cirque Du Freak this morning, but I must finish Interview With The Vampire first. (Yes, I do have a little bit of a vampire fetish)
Other interests:
Music (My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Kisschasy, Taking Back Sunday yada yada yada)
Movies (Donnie Darko, Saw 1 & 2 [yet to see 3], The Exorcism Of Emily Rose, Corpse Bride, The Nightmare Before Christmas)
Books/reading (Twilight, New Moon, Harry Potter, Memoirs Of A Geisha, Catcher In The Rye, Interview With The Vampire)
Art (painting, drawing, photography, scrapbooking)
Writing (poetry and fictional stories)
Body art (piercings and tattoos)
Internet (forums, blogs, myspace etc)
Live concerts

So, thats me in a nut shell.
Looking forward to sharing some Darren Shan love with everyone.
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I wrote fanfiction.
Demonata fanfiction.
Slashy Demonata fanfiction.

An angsty slashy Darren Shan ficlet.

Title: Memories
Author: La Kai.
Rating: 15 + ‘Cause I’m a complete hypocrite :P And write things I’m not actually allowed to read. Haha. I love irony.
Pairing: DervishXKernel
Words: 550
Summary: Dervish Grady remembers something from a long time ago.
Warnings: Boylove! :3
Note: Set some time between the end of Demon Thief and Slawter – but no spoilers. (:

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And Finally…
Another Demonata fanfic – this time set in the middle of Demon Thief in the maze.

Title: Cleansing
Author: Meeeh.
Rating: I dunno. Not quite R, I s’pose.
Pairing: DervishXKernel
Words: 550
Summary: Demon hunting is no clean feat.
Warnings: Boylove! That means le sex between mans. :0

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Any feedback welcomed. All these have no beta – Because none of my friends even know what slash means. n_n;;
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I just finished reading the Demon Theif yesterday and man that was freaking AWESOME!! Although I must say that I liked Lord Loss better but both books are really great. Also I've decided to read the whole series of Cirque Du freak over again, books 1-11 that is, in honor of the 12th and final coming out at the end of this year. I have managed to finish through book 9 in a matter of less than a 2 week period. What can I say...I'm obsessed...
DW- It's sonic okay?

Something to sing about

While this may not make you sing, I thought it should be shared that the 11th CDF book is FINALLY being released in the U.S. It officially comes out on May 10th, which is actually pretty close now. And the CDF books do tend to be released a little earlier then their official realease date, and I'm hoping that's what happens this time.

So, one more time. Lord of the Shadows, May 10th. Be freaking excited. Because I am.
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I'm just curious as to how many people have 'World Book Day' in their countries, only one of the books published is Koyasan, by Darren Shan, I got it yesterday, and it was pretty damn awesome, if not a little weirder than his usual stuff.
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