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I wrote fanfiction.
Demonata fanfiction.
Slashy Demonata fanfiction.

An angsty slashy Darren Shan ficlet.

Title: Memories
Author: La Kai.
Rating: 15 + ‘Cause I’m a complete hypocrite :P And write things I’m not actually allowed to read. Haha. I love irony.
Pairing: DervishXKernel
Words: 550
Summary: Dervish Grady remembers something from a long time ago.
Warnings: Boylove! :3
Note: Set some time between the end of Demon Thief and Slawter – but no spoilers. (:

Kernel reaches out and runs his hand down Dervish's arm, his fingers gentle and tentative, Dervish looks at him, an odd smile on his face and he leans forward, his forehead touching Kernel's gently. One of Kernel's hands moves up to tangle in Dervish's purple spikes, his fingers teasing the strands carefully. Dervish smiles and wraps his arms around the younger boy's hips, rolling his own up into Kernel's groin. The smaller boy moans softly, his breath warm on Dervish's face, and leans forwards, catching Dervish's lips in a quiet kiss. Dervish chuckles and bites on the other boy's lip gently, pulling him closer. The elder boy's hands are wandering, one up beneath Kernel's t-shirt to the warm, feverish skin stretched across the taut muscle of his torso. The other hand wriggles between Kernel's legs, grasping gently, rubbing against the stiff flesh.
"Hm... Mm-Dervish!" He manages to moan into Dervish's kiss, his tongue tracing across the elder boy's teeth. "Wh't about Ber-Br..." He tries to finish the sentence coherently, but Dervish is tugging his t-shirt off insistently. Kernel pushes Dervish's leather jacket off, revealing the pale, scarred torso with its wiry muscles.
"Don' care. He c'n sod off." Dervish mutters, pulling at Kernel's jeans "Love you..."
One of Dervish's hands scrabbles on the floor for the item he needs, his hands closing around it.
"Say cheese." He smirks languidly.
"Love you." Kernel laughs instead as the flash goes off.


Dervish shoots awake, breathing heavily, sweat pouring down his face. Memories keep flooding back like water and he can hear Grubbs rapping urgently on the door.
"Derv? Dervish?!" His voice is urgent and panicked, "Did you have another nightmare?! Derv, c'mon!"
Dervish wobbles to his feet, unlocking the door. Grubbs is stood in the doorway, his ginger hair sticking up in scruffy clumps looking petrified.
"No, no I'm okay, it's fine." Dervish mumbles, ruffling his hair. Grubbs looks down with an awkward grin.
"Um... Derv. That's some heat you're packing." Dervish looks down and all the fear vanishes to be replaced by pure embarrassment as he smiles somewhat nervously.
"Yes. Well... I... Good night Grubbs." Red faced Dervish shuffles back into the room, and slamming the door behind him. Checking the door is locked Dervish begins to fumble with a loose floorboard urgently, pulling it up to reveal a small cubbyhole, he feels around for a few seconds, then pulls out a small metal box. Opening it gingerly Dervish spreads the contents across the floor. One orange marble, a few chess pieces, a purple spike of hair, and a number of photographs. Carefully he lifts the photographs, one of Cal on holiday, of Shark, grinning, of the old family home, some cousins... Then he finds it. The picture of him and Kernel. In the picture they are both topless, kneeling in front of one another, one of Dervish's hands is holding the camera steady and the other is curled around Kernel's waist. Kernel's own hands are tangled in Dervish's purple spikes tightly. The boys are kissing fiercely, you can see their tongues tangling in the sliver of a gap between their mouths, both have their eyes shut and both are sporting erections.
Dervish feels a lump rise in his throat, remembering.
He doesn't want to remember.

And Finally…
Another Demonata fanfic – this time set in the middle of Demon Thief in the maze.

Title: Cleansing
Author: Meeeh.
Rating: I dunno. Not quite R, I s’pose.
Pairing: DervishXKernel
Words: 550
Summary: Demon hunting is no clean feat.
Warnings: Boylove! That means le sex between mans. :0

"Yeah?" we are sat on the hard ground side by side, Dervish has found a stream, he guesses it's so Lord Loss can keep us alive in order to mess us around.
"What're you doing?" I ask him. He looks at me scathingly, one eyebrow quirked.
"I'm getting undressed, why?" He snaps, wiggling out of his jeans adorned with safteypins and rips.
"Well... Um... Lord Loss or Beranabus or Sharmila or anyone could be watching!" I tell him nervously.
"Well then. I'll have to give them a good show." He shrugs, pulling off his boxer shorts and folding them neatly. I blink, unsure where to look, Dervish is wandering around buck naked save for his scarf, quite happy. "C'mon Kernel, you're covered in bits of demon, you need a wash!" He points mock-seriously at the river. I shake my head and allow Dervish a thin smile, he isn't deterred one bit and wanders over, yanking me up by a hand.
"I'm not getting undressed!" I tell him awkwardly. Dervish rolls his eyes exasperatedly, yet grinning.
"Prima Donna!" He chuckles, pulling my t-shirt off over my head. I squirm, but he's already pulling off my jeans with remarkably deft hands.
"Derv - that's enough!" I tell him firmly, but Dervish will stop at nothing and tugs off my own boxer shorts as well. "Dervish!" I protest.
"Kernel!" He mimics "Jesus, it's only a willy. I've got one." He cups his own to make some sort of point. I can feel pink creeping up my face as I follow Dervish resignedly into the water. "It's warm!" He declares delightedly, pouring it over his head and torso. Something very unpleasant seems to happen to my nether regions as I watch the punk rinse off his wiry body. I've been in this damn maze way too long.
Dervish stops, moisture pouring off his head in little rivets, he looks at me curiously and then wades over, head tilted, mouth ever so slightly open. Before I know it he's stood in front of me, nervous, yet excited.
Slowly he pulls me in closer, his purple spikes of hair plastered down, framing his angular face.
"C'mere." His voice is hoarse and his eyes are very dark. Dervish leans down ever so slightly, his head slightly tilted and then his teeth clamp gently around my lower lip, pulling me closer into him. I squeak, partly in suprise, partly in amazement. Gently Dervish pulls upwards, brushing our lips together in a ghost of a kiss. "Kernel?" He asks throatily. I nod dumbly, my tongue thick in my mouth and my heart thumping in my head. Dervish points upwards, I follow the pale finger, looking up directly above us. One huge red and black eye stares down unblinkingly, studying us almost curiously. I stare directly into the huge, planet-sized pupil with mild interest, before looking back at Dervish and grinning languidly, I kiss him clumsily on the side of his mouth, Dervish laughs, wiggling his eyebrows. "Oh Kernel, you are evil." He smirks, kissing back, his tongue pressing at my lips, demanding entry. I allow it, and his tongue is sliding against my own in hard, fast strokes. My hands, shaking, curl over Dervish's shoulders, pulling him into me, his shoulder blades slick and wet from the warm water still dripping from his limp, violet spikes. His own hands fasten tightly around my hips, rocking his groin, which is slightly higher than mine, into my stomach.
"Derv?" I mumble - he stops dead. Watching me nervously.
"Did I go to far? Dammit! When should I have stopped?!" He asks angrily, clutching his hair exasperatedly, "Sorry! I mean -"
"I was just going to say, don't you think Lord Loss is a bit of a pervert, I mean watching two adolescent males get off with one another, that's pretty sick, don't you think?" I smile slyly through my lashes. Dervish laughs, breathing out, relieved.
"Thank god!" He smirks, latching onto me again, the water rippling like silk around his hips. "Thought you were gonna shout rape or somethin'..." He laughs. I chuckle back at him, easing my nose into the crook of his neck, inhaling the unusually familiar scent of leather, cigarettes and some kind of cheap aftershave, faint but evidently there. I smile as Dervish's bare arms wrap around my torso, his chin resting on top of my bald head making strange comforting noises. At first I'm confused, wondering who Dervish is trying to comfort, then I realise his shoulders are shaking with gentle, hiccupping sobs, and I understand he's trying to reassure himself. Dervish is only a few years older than me, he's had to cope with a lot, trying to keep a stiff upper lip in the face of everything has finally got the better of him.
"Don't cry Dervish, that's what he wants, c'mon, we'll survive this, get through it, love you, don't cry. Love you. Love you. Don't give him the satisfaction, c'mon. It's okay - yeah? Love you." I croon into his ear softly, wondering if Lord Loss can hear. I decide I don't care. Dervish takes a deep breath, wipes his eyes, gives a final sniffle, then looks at me and smiles carefully.
"Thanks." He nods, composing himself. I grin.
"Enough with the mushy stuff, let's go find Shark, yeah?" Dervish smiles, then nods enthusiastically.
"You do mean we go in the nude don't you?" He asks lecherously. I punch his shoulder lightly.
"Maybe some other time." I laugh.

Any feedback welcomed. All these have no beta – Because none of my friends even know what slash means. n_n;;
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