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A Living Nightmare

Half VAMPIRE, yet Half HUMAN....
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This is a fan community of the Cirque Du Freak series by Darren Shan. If you love the series, just come right on in and make yourself at home.

The only rules include:
1.) You must be a fan. Otherwise, why are you here?
2.) Keep in mind that although this is a fan community, some fans are farther along in the series than others. For enjoyment of everyone, don't ruin anything for anyone! If you absolutely HAVE to say something that may give away something, it MUST be under an LJ cut. You also gotta say it's Spoilers for say...Hunters of the Dusk. That way, everyone has a head's up and knows not to click there. See code below (take out the stars).
3.) People must be respectful. Swearing's allowed, yadda yadda, but in this case, I'm saying if two members have a problem with each other, then take your argument somewhere else.
4.) I think that pretty much covers it.

Failure to comply - minor - just gets a friendly reminder. If it continues, or is extreme - pack your bags. Gotta enforce the rules in all communities! So far, we haven't had any major incidents, and fortunately, I don't think anything like that'll happen.


<*lj-cut text="title of cut"*>whatever you want to say<*/lj-cut*>


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PLEASE SUPPORT OUR COMMUNITY! Recommended if you are a member or even just a friend to put on your info page:

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(once again, take out the stars)

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Mucho gracias!